Wine tastings

Would you like to learn how to savour wine to better enjoy it ? Distinguish french wines according to their soils or their namings ? Or being able to match the right wine with the right dish in a restaurant ? Our partner Ô-Chateau offers tastings courses in English in the heart of Paris, in order to greaten your wine knowledge.

Wine tastings

Thanks to its resourceful soils and its Wine growers' ancestral expertise, french wine is a true reference across the world. Vines, climate, aromas, and know-how diversity, makes every domain, even each year, unique and complex at once. To know its soils, learn its vocabulary, understand its manufacturing secrets, or merely taste a few wine glasses selected by a sommelier, our partner Ô-Chateau proposes tasting courses in the heart of Paris.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will discover several representative wines of french vineyards, and receive plenty of informations and tips from the sommelier who will be animating this tasting. For the greedy ones, Ô-Chateau equally proposes gastronomical parties, where you will be able to savor wine whilst enjoying your dinner, a cheeses tray or chocolate prepared by a Master Chocolatier.

For further information about their offers, rates or book on line your tasting, go to Ô-Chateau official website :

Tastings Presentation Length of stay Timetable Rates
Grands Crus Masterclass Tasting of six Grand Cru wines including one Champagne 2 hours Friday 17:30 149 €
Wine Tasting Dinner Tasting of five wines (including a Champagne) while enjoying a dinner prepared by a Chef 2 hours Friday & Saturday 20:00 99 €
Le Tour de France of Wine Tasting of six wines including a Champagne 2 hours Everyday 17:00 55 €
Wine and Cheese Lunch Five wines (including one Champagne) served with a selection of artisanal cheeses and delicatessen 1,5 hours Everyday 12:15 75 €
Initiation to Tasting Tasting of three wines 1 hour Everyday 15:00 30 €
Day Trip to Champagne Wineyards visit in Champagne, tastings and lunches in the city of Reims 1 day Everyday 07:30 215 €