Vélib : self service bike hiring in Paris

Launched in summer 2007 to support ecological means of transport, Vélib' is very successful with Parisians and tourists. Some even say that the mayor's reelection is due to this unforeseen success. These few informations will allow you to benefit from this innovating system, cheap and pleasant to discover Paris differently.


Velib' is an innovating free access bike hiring system. In Paris, more than 1000 automatic station, distant of 300 meters more or less, put to your disposal 15000 city bikes. Rather comfortable and equipped with a basket, 3 gears and lights, the bikes maintenance are done by the city regularly. The major asset of this service is that in enables users to take a bike in one station, then drop it off in an other station once their trip done.


How to hire a Vélib' ?

Available to any credit card owner - equipped with a chip - Velib' will allow you to hire a bike in less than a minute. To do so, you must subscribe to a season ticket (1 day or 7 days) directly in one of the automatic landmarks bike station. To subscribe to a season ticket, a 150€ security deposit must be available on your bank account in case of damage or loss of bike.

The landmark will deliver a ticket, indicating your subscriber's number which will allow you to use freely the bikes in one of the thousands Parisian bike stations. When your trip is done, insert the bike in the attachment point and wait for sonorous confirmation meaning that the bike is locked. For more information, a complete user guide is available in every bike station or on the official website.

Time of subscription Rates
1 day 1 euro
1 week (7 days) 5 euros

TRICK : To avoid getting lost, I suggest that you buy a map of the streets of Paris (more or less 5 euros) available in any tobacco shop or library. It will also be very useful if you want to walk your way around Paris.


Thanks to your season ticket, the first 30 minutes of every trips are free. Most of the time, traveling around Paris doesn't exceed 20 minutes given the fact that a lot of the museums and monuments are in heart of it. Pass this time, extra charge according to your trip time will automatically be drawn from your bank account.

TIP : To avoid any overrun, my advice for long trips is to make a break every 25 minutes more or less and change bikes. Note that in this case, a 2 minutes delay is necessary to hire an other bike.

Time of trip Rates
1st supplementary half hour 1 euro
2nd additional half hour 2 euros
From the third supplementary half hour 4 euros (by half an hour)
Example Total cost
Trip of 25 minutes 0 euro
Trip of 50 minutes 1 euro
Trip of 1 hour and 15 minutes 3 euros
A Vélib' station in ParisA Vélib' station in Paris