Maps and plans of parisian transports

To make your travels easier, these few maps and plans of networks will be very useful to use the underground, bus or even walk. Do not hesitate to print them and bring them along with you ; you will save time when you arrive at the airport or train station to locate and reach your apartment !

Map of Parisian underground

Safe and fast, the underground is THE first public transport in Paris. Thanks to 16 lines in perfect condition and numerous interconnections, you can easily travel in Paris for little cost. This interactive map will show you the quickest way from one place to an other and a list of servicing (and closed entrances)of the network. Before taking the plane, do not forget to print this map to save time on arrival.
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Map of bus lines in Paris

For many years now, the Parisian town hall has been favoring the expansion of public transportation and eases the passengers travels. Buses benefit from their own lane thus avoiding traffic. As economical as the underground, the bus is an efficient outdoor way of transport to make your way around Paris.
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