A New Year's eve in Paris

What better town than Paris to celebrate the new year coming ? To help you organize your new year's eve in the city of lights, here is a selection of ideas, festive recipes, tips and traps to avoid to have a unforgettable night !

Caution : don't forget to book early enough because most of the restaurants/parties will full long before 31 December.

What do the French do on new year's eve ?

The French usually celebrate the arrival of the new year between friends. One organizes a dinner party with of course champagne and foie gras.
At midnight, we all wish each other bonne année (a happy new year) ; tradition is that we kiss under mistletoe, omen of a long and happy life !
After midnight, the French go down in the streets to shout "Bonne année !" to passers-by, under a shower of confetti and in a racket of horns and bangers (exceptionally authorized for the occasion).
Finally, we wouldn't be complete if we didn't teach you the famous count down in French :
Dix, neuf, huit, sept, six, cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un Bonne année !!!

Ideas of parties for New Year's eve in Paris

Restaurants : special parties for new year's eve !
For new year's eve, Parisian restaurants propose a special menu (foie gras and champagne being unavoidable for such a party). Unfortunately, for this exceptional evening, rates usually go above 60 euros per person. And to be sure to have a table, we strongly advise you to book several days or even weeks in advance on Internet or by email. For when you will be arriving in Paris, most restaurants will be fully booked.

Restaurants : special parties for new year's eve !Restaurants : special parties for new year's eve !

Montmartre and the Sacré Cur
Situated up north, in the 18th district, the Montmartre hill is the highest spot of Paris (130 meters), accessible by stairs (222 steps) or funicular. On new year's eve, hundreds of people gather around the Sacré Cur to have glass of champagne and admire Paris. The view is breathtaking and, if the sky is clear, you might see a few fireworks shot across Paris or the twinkling Eiffel tower.

Montmartre and the Sacré CurMontmartre and the Sacré Cur

Diner-cruise on the river Seine
What could be more magical than a dinner-cruise on the river Seine to spend your new year's eve ? The company Bateaux Parisiens organizes a prestigious cruise and proposes a high quality menu : crustaceans, foie gras, sea bass with ceps. During the crossing, an orchestra will playing live !
Price : as of 320 euros per person (one bottle of champagne and wine for two included)
Informations and reservations on : wwww.bateauparisiens.com

Diner-cruise on the river SeineDiner-cruise on the river Seine

Dinner-Revue at the Lido
Situated on the Champs Elysées, the Lido is no doubt one of the most prestigious cabarets in the world. For new year's eve, the Lido proposes a party upholding its reputation. As from 7:30pm, you will be greeted with music from an orchestra before relishing a wonderful meal composed with lobsters, scallops, caviar or roasted veal.
Then from 10:40pm you will assist to the revue "Bonheur", performed by more than 70 artists. After a frenetic count down and the twelve strikes of midnight, the party will go on until sunrise with a live orchestra!
Price : 670 euros per person (a bottle of champagne or wine is included)
Informations and reservations on the official website : www.lido.fr

Champs-Elysées : to be avoided on that evening !
If thousands of Parisians get together on new year's eve (around 9pm) on the Champs-Elysées - traffic being closed for the occasion - to celebrate the arrival of the new year in joy and happiness, you need to know that a few risks go around this event. Indeed, such a big crowd attract wrongdoers (pickpockets, drunks, etc) that police has trouble containing. So quite frankly, we invite you to choose an other option to celebrate new year's eve and come back to the Champs-Elysées another day once calm has been restored.

Champs-Elysées : to be avoided on that evening !Champs-Elysées : to be avoided on that evening !

Paris travel tips

Underground free all night long
On new year's eve, public transports in Paris are free as from 5:00 pm till 12:00 pm the next day - 1st of January. The trains will run till 2:15 am on the whole network and all night long on major lines (1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 14) nonstop. Caution : not all of the stations will be opened on this night shift.

Underground free all night longUnderground free all night long

Evening dress
For new year's eve, everybody dresses-up. So forget your jeans and trainers ! Evening dress and suit are compulsory in good restaurants or if you wish to go clubbing. Don't forget that thousands of people want to party on that night, so you might as well put all the chances on your side if you don't wish to queue for hours to get into a club for example !

Evening dressEvening dress

Plan January 1st...

Before celebrating new year's eve, you need to know that 1st January is a day off in France, most of the shops will be closed on that day. So don't forget to get a few supplies the day before (food, bread, etc). You also need to know that most museums are closed on that day, with a few exceptions that we highly recommend :

- Galeries nationales du Grand Palais
Open from 9am till 10pm

Luxembourg Museum
Open from 9am till 6pm

- Musée du quai Branly
Open from 11pm till 7pm

- Centre Pompidou (national museum for modern art)
open from 11am till 9pm

- L'Institut du Monde Arabe
Open from 10am till 6pm

- Pinacothèque de Paris
Open from 2pm till 6:30pm