Louvre Museum

Located in the heart of Paris, by the river Seine, the Louvre is a universalistic museum with a massive collection (300 000 works) spreading from antiquity up to 1848 with all kinds of art. Among the famous, come and discover Millo's Venus, Hammurabi's code, and of course la Joconde from Leonardo da Vinci. To see over and again, with such a big collection multiple visits are advised.

Practical informations

Address : Paris 1st district
Metro Louvre - Palais Royal


The Louvre museum is open every day from 9pm to 6pm (10pm on Wednesday and Friday evenings), except on Tuesday. Exceptional closure on the following bank holidays : 1st January, 1st Mai, 11th November and 25th December 2010.


9 euros for the permanent collection - 6 euros far a nocturnal tickets (from 6pm).

IMPORTANT : The Louvre museum is free every first Sunday of every month.

Louvre Museum